Fell Guide: Whiteless Pike


Whiteless Pike from Dale HowWhiteless Pike is normally climbed by walkers heading to the higher fells beyond - Crag Hill or Grasmoor or across Coledale Hause to Hopegill Head, but the fell is well worth a visit in its own right, looming over Rannerdale and providing excellent views south towards the Buttermere scene. The fell is also easily reached, especially from the National Trust car park in Buttermere, which is located at the start of the path up to Whiteless Breast.

Whiteless Pike from Whiteless BreastThe fell is an outlying spur of the Grasmoor group, and is connected to the main bulk of the fells by Whiteless Edge, a lovely little ridge walk that offers great views down either side without ever being too intimidating. In most directions the fell rises straight up from the valley floor - the only exceptions are the Edge running north and to the south, leading to Whiteless Breast (even here the top of the fell is quite Looking along Whiteless Edgesteep).

Because it sticks out a bit from the nearest higher ground Whiteless Pike offers good views of Grasmoor, which looms to the north, and across a steep valley to Robinson and Buttermere Moss.


Grid Reference of Summit: NY 180 189
Height: 660m


Routes of Ascent

Rocks on way up Whiteless PikeWhiteless Pike is very steep on just about every side, so there are only two practical walkers routes to the top. The first comes up from Whiteless Breast and Buttermere. This can be reached along a path that comes up from High Rannerdale, or more easily from the NT car park at Buttermere, along a path that also leads to the eastern end of Rannerdale Knotts.

The alternative route to the top is to come along Whiteless Edge, an easy but scenic ridge that leads to Wandope (although rather oddly doesn't head towards the highest point of Wandope, or indeed of any fell, instead heading towards the pass between Crag Hill and Grasmoor.


We have an ascent of Whiteless Pike that also visits Rannerdale.

The Summit

Whiteless Pike has a small grassy summit, surrounded by steep drops on most sides, apart from the link to Whiteless Edge over Saddle Gate (and even this looks to be a drop from the actual summit!).

Streams and Tarns

Rannerdale BeckThe north-eastern boundary is formed by Third Gill, which rises on Wandope, flows south then turns east to run into Sail Beck. Sail Beck then flows south, forming the eastern boundary of the fell. It eventually becomes Mill Beck near Buttermere village, but by this time is flowing past Rannerdale Knotts/ Low Bank rather than Whiteless Pike.

On the western side Rannerdale Beck rises to the north of Whiteless Edge and flows past the fell, forming the north-western boundary, while Squat Beck forms the south-western boundary. The fell ends in the west where Squat Beck flows into Rannerdale Beck.

Quite a few small becks rise on Whiteless Pike, but only Rowantree Beck, which rises between Whiteless Breast and the main summit and flows west into Squat Beck, gets a name.

The fell has no tarns.

Other Features


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