Over the Hills and Far Away

Chapter Two: Quick Decisions

Aunty Marmalade calmed Button Mushroom’s mother.

“It’s ok, Rose,” she said soothingly.  “We’ll think of something.”

She sat her on the smoothest seat of fragrant heather she could find, then racked her brains for the best plan of action.

“Uncle Broccoli is our best navigator but he is still up at Hadrian’s Wall,” exclaimed Cornelius.

They all pondered and thought.

“We don’t even know where they are taking poor little Hickory,” said Beanstalk.  “Nor why.”

“Who knows, with Cinnamon.  He’s a law unto himself,” muttered Christopher.

Pavlova nodded her head in agreement.

“Just like his sister,” she said.

Aunt Marshmallow turned to stare at her.

“Of course,” she whispered.  “Prunella.”

Everyone gasped.  If anyone could track down Cinammon, it would be Prunella.  She might not co-operate, though.  Beside that, setting Prunella loose was something dangerous in itself.  There was a definite risk involved.

“It’s our best bet, though,” said Garibaldi.  “It’s quicker to go and fetch Prunella than it is to fetch Uncle Broccoli.”

With horror, they all realised that this was what they had to do.

“We can waste no time,” said Asparagus, rising to his feet.  “If the trail goes cold, we might never find him.  Who will show me the way to where she lives?”

Rowan and Juniper looked at each other, remembering the leisurely saunter they had taken on their visit there.

“We can,” they both said, remembering the route clearly.

“Us too,” cried Ashley and Herbert.

“All four of you go,” cried Button Mushroom.  “You’ll be company for each other once Prunella and Asparagus have set off.”

No one disagreed.  They quickly said farewells, and Button Mushroom sat down to comfort her mother.

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