Over the Hills and Far Away

Chapter Three: Prunella’s Pen

With urgency streaking through their veins Rowan, Juniper, Ashley and Herbert quickly traversed the terrain that led to the hills beyond Selset.  The weather was good and there was still plenty of daylight, so there were no hold-ups.  Panting, they ushered Asparagus into Great Aunty Grace’s garden.

It being a lovely evening, Georgia and Grace had the house door wide open, so they had full view of the visitors.  They could not imagine what this was all about.

Prunella looked up, then looked pale.  Her last meeting with Asparagus had not been a pleasant one.  She also found him physically intimidating.  Asparagus curtly explained the situation to Prunella and insisted she help find Cinnamon in order to rescue little Hickory.

“And how can I help?” scoffed Prunella.  “I’m locked in this pen and cannot get out.  You must be stupid,” she added, feeling fairly safe from him in her enclosure.

Asparagus strode forward and took the lock into his strong jaws.  It immediately sprang open.  He marched inside and pushed Prunella forward.

“We’ve no time to lose,” he stated.

For a split second she considered rebelling.  Then she reconsidered the might of Asparagus and decided perhaps she had better co-operate.  She would find Cinnamon and help rescue the lamb.  After that, however, she would do whatever she liked.  They could not make her return to the pen.  She would be free.  Prunella sniffed the air and set off in a westerly direction, with Asparagus charging tightly behind.

Georgia and her Great Aunty Grace fed yoghurt, fruit and salad to Juniper, Rowan, Ashley and Herbert, who enjoyed feeling very spoilt.  As night time began to set in, they curled up in the garden beside the flower bed.  Georgia sang them some songs to help them sleep, her clear voice drifting over the hills and away into the sunset.                

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