Walk: Pendragon Castle and Birkett Common

Map for Pendragon to Birkeet CommonThis short walk takes us from the ruins of Pendragon Castle to the top of Birkett Common, a great viewpoint for the Eden Valley and the hills lining Mallerstang. Pendragon Castle itself is open to the public (free access), and is well worth a visit.

Ascent: 350ft
Length: 2.6 miles
Last Walked:

There is a small amount of parking space where the main road up Mallerstang passes the ruins of Pendragon Castle.

1: NY 782 025
Pendragon CastleA small lane leaves the main road next to the castle. Head down this lane as it runs down to the River Eden and then zigzags up the opposite side of the valley. Follow this road as it emerges onto the open hillside and climbs up towards Birkett Common.
2: NY 773 032
MallerstangAs we continue up the road we start to approach the Settle to Carlisle Railway, which enters a tunnel just before it reaches the road. Keep on the road until you can look Mallerstang Edgestraight back down the railway (at about the same point there is a single parking space in a small rocky dip). At this point leave the road and head right towards the large mast visible on the skyline. At the mast the rest of the summit ridge is clearly visible - head towards the highest point.
3: NY 774 036
Lammerside CastleView from Birkett CommonIt is well worth heading a little further north from the true summit towards the edge of the summit ridge - this is an even better viewpoint for the Eden valley and Kirkby Stephen. After visiting the summit retrace your steps back to the road, turn left and follow the road back to our starting point.


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