Ascent of Blake Fell from the West

Go to our map for ascent of Blake FellThis walk takes us into the miniature mountain landscape that surrounds Cogra Moss. In five miles we visit a quiet lake, pass through deep conifer plantations and visit three clear summits (High Pen, Blake Fell and Sharp Knott), and on a clear day are treated to some fantastic views of the fells around Ennerdale and Buttermere, and down into the Vale of Lorton.

Ascent: 1,500ft
Length: 5 miles
Map: The English Lakes - North Western Area (OS Explorer Map Active)
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We start from the public car park at Felldyke (leave the main A 5086 at Lamplugh Cross, heading for Lamplugh. Take the first right turn, and follow this very windy road through four sharp turns - the car park is just after the fourth turn (a sharp right).

1: NY 085 198
Blake Fell seen over Cogra MossTake the only footpath that leaves the car park, and follow it past the first building of Felldyke and onto a small lane. Turn left onto this lane, and then almost immediately right onto a field track that heads east towards Cogra Moss. After crossing an open field this track reaches the entrance to the Forestry Commission land around the Moss, where a notice board gives information about the conservation work currently going on in the area. Continue on along the track, which soon brings us to Cogra Moss itself, an artificial lake formed from the original swamp. Follow the track all the way along the southern side of the lake.
2: NY 098 192
Just after the end of the water a clear footpath leaves to the right, climbing diagonally across the lower slopes of Knock Murton. Take this path and follow it up to a forestry track that runs across the middle slopes of Lamplugh Fell.
3: NY 098 188
Path up Low PenOur path brings us to a t-junction in the forestry tracks. Our route on follows the leg of the 'T', which continues on in almost the exact same direction as our path (crossing the main track), and quickly comes to the edge of the forest. At this point turn left onto a footpath that runs alongside the forest fence (with the fence to the Great Borne over Croasdale Beckright). This path, and the fence, both run all the way up to Blake Fell. After a short spell running next to the trees, we emerge onto the open fell and climb up to Low Pen. We then have a choice of routes - one path continues up onto High Pen, following the fence, while a second Knock Murton and Cogra Mosspath cuts the corner to the left. I recommend the fence path onto High Pen, which is a good viewpoint in its own right. From High Pen continue along the fence path almost to the summit of Blake Fell. Just before the summit the path and the fence part ways, so follow the path up onto the highest point of the fell.
4: NY 110 196
Summit of Blake FellTwo paths leave the summit of Blake Fell heading to the north. One heads along the fence and runs onto Burnback Fell. Our path branches off to the left, and heads down the north-western slope of the fell towards Sharp Knott. Follow this path, Buttermere from Blake Felltaking the time to make a diversion up onto Sharp Knott before continuing along the path as it passes to the right of the knott, into the valley of Wisenholme Beck. At the edge of the woods the path turns into a forestry track, which we follow as it curves gently around to the left.
5: NY 101 200
After just over half a mile on this track we reach a T-junction. Turn sharply right and follow the new track as it too curves around to the left, running around the edge of a flatter area between Sharp Knott and High Hows. We follow this path as it curves around 180 degrees, eventually bringing us close to Cogra Moss.
6: NY 096 198
Cogra MossWhen the track begins to curve further around to the left to head back up to the head of the lake leave it on a footpath that continues south back to the edge of the lake. A rather muddy path runs along the lake shore - turn right onto this path, and follow it around the edge of the lake, across the dam and back onto our original track. Turn right and follow the track back to our starting point.

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