Hadrian's Wall Country

The area sometimes known as Hadrian's Wall country is unusual in that the only real link between the different parts of the area is the wall itself. Hadrian's Wall stretches across the north of England from Bowness on Solway on the west coast to Wallsend on the Tyne. It includes one major city centre, coastal flatlands and gentle rolling countryside, as well as the dramatic upland ridges that it is famous for.

Solway Firth ridges Tyne Bridges

Connecting these different landscapes is the not so thin line of Hadrian's Wall and its accompanying earthworks. The most impressive remains are in the most scenic parts of the area, between Birdoswald Fort in the west and Chesters Fort in the east. Between those forts, restored sections of the walls run for miles across the high ridges, dotted with forts, mile castles and turrets.

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