Hadrian's Wall Overview Map

Overview map of Hadrian's Wall

Map showing the route of Hadrian's Wall and the location of the wall forts and other forts close to the line of the wall. The marked line is actually that taken by the modern long distance footpath, which follows the wall faithfully for most of its length. The only significant exception is at the far eastern end of the wall, where the wall itself is now lost underneath modern Newcastle on Tyne, and so the footpath follows the Tyne.

No. Modern Name Roman Name
1 Bowness-on-Solway Maia
2 Drumburgh Concavata
3 Burgh by Sands Aballava
4 Stanwix Uxelodunum or Petrianis
5 Castlesteads Camboglanna
6 Birdoswald Banna
7 Carvoran Magnis
8 Greatchesters Aesica
9   Vindolanda
10 Housesteads Vercovicium
11 Carrawburgh Brocolitia
12 Chesters Cilurnum
13 Haltonchesters Onnum
14 Rudchester Vindobala
15 Benwell Condercum
16 Newcastle Pons Aelius
17 Wallsend Segedunum