Redmire is unusual amongst Wensleydale villages in that its main road runs north-south across the valley floor, just to the east of Apedale Beck. As a result most of the stone buildings on the main village street have been built with their gable ends facing the road, and in many cases with gardens to the south.

The village is now the end point of the Wensleydale Railway, which runs east along the valley, and which it is hoped will eventually rejoin the main railway network. The railway once stretched all the way up Wensleydale, linking the east coast mainline and the Settle to Carlisle Railway, which it joined at Garsdale Head. The current stretch to Redmire reopened in 2003.

Like many Wensleydale villages, Redmire was once an industrial village and one of the quarries survived for long enough to ensure the survival of the railway.

The village still supports a pub, the Bolton Arms on the road to Castle Bolton, although the King's Arms has now closed. The village also has a post office, with limited opening hours (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at time of writing, December 2008).

In the centre of the village is the Wesley Oak, a five hundred year old tree under which John Wesley is said to have preached. The tree was threatened with destruction in 2004, because of its poor condition, but the threat was lifted in the following year.

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