Presenting Pavlova

Chapter Three: The Wedding

Pavlova had a quick dip in the water and combed her wool on the spikes of a gorse bush. She put daisies and heather in a garland. Today she was getting married to Christopher.

The weather was nice. It was a good omen. Of course, sheep weren’t allowed inside a church but that did not matter because they liked being outside, anyway. They gathered by the sacred rocks.

Pavlova felt quite nervous when she saw the number of friends and relatives that had arrived. Among the crowd there was her eldest brother, Beanstalk, who would walk her down the aisle. Pattie and Buttie, her dearest girl friends, were giggling as they straightened their bridesmaid flowers. Aunty Marmalade had squared her shoulders with pride because she had prepared a huge buffet for everyone, for after the ceremony. Sitting in the shade was the elderly but elegant figure of Aunt Marshmallow, while Uncle Broccoli stood quietly by her side.

Christopher looked splendid. His best friend David had helped him straighten the straggly parts of his coat. Cousin Cornelius led the ceremony. Everything was running smoothly. They got to the part where Christopher was asked if he was willing to marry Pavlova. Just as he was about to say “I do,” Prunella shouted out:

“Chris! Your name is Chris!”

Christopher burst into tears. He looked at Prunella and wanted to race off toward the Cupmarked Rock. Then he looked at Pavlova and wanted to marry her. For the first time in his life, he paused. Then he took a deep breath, stood still, stopped crying and said:

“I do.”

Cornelius cheered. He had not underestimated Christopher at all. Pavlova went pink with pleasure and Aunt Marshmallow breathed a sigh of relief.

When they all looked round, Prunella had disappeared.

“Just as well,”

announced Pattie and Buttie. Then they turned pale. Not only had Prunella gone, but the buffet had disappeared with her.

Chapter Four: The Reception