The Hedgehog Rescued: Part Two

Oomans sleep through the night, so it was in the morning, when he found a little saucer of milk milk and a few bits of oddments in front of him. Sam wolfed the lot down. He hadn't realised how hungry he was. Some other form of ooman gave him a little more then left him.. Sam realised their nest had been left open. Was this a way out? Like most youngsters, the sleep had refreshed him, like most wild things, he didn't like 'inside'. So, warily at first, he got as far as the doorway.

Kindness in deed- they had realised he wouldn't be able to get down the steps, so there was a strip of board laid down for him. He got out as quickly as he could, but turned round, just to see the other ooman give a little wave..

Once out. He was well and truly lost. High country walls, but the air at least seemed familiar. Just then a miracle happened. Or so it seemed… A spider stopped him.. “ Are you Sam ?” Sam blinked in surprise and said yes. “ Right. Follow me and get out of sight.. I'll send a report down the web as to where you are – and we'll see if the sheep rescue service can do anything”

The sheep rescue service had been activated soon after the start of the Sheeptrack service. It seemed to have been almost 'by accident' that sheep would be used to help out the smaller animals who would go out and have adventures.. Just for once it wasn't Daisy on duty, but a newish spider, Trance, who was 'on call'. Sam's mother had come into the office in an awful state.
crying her way through the story . Daisy was just going home to bed after her turn around the tracks, but she stayed onto comfort mum a little- and help Trance organise the sheep train. She knew what would be needed , strong web spinning Spider. Plus of course , two of the persuading spiders to cope with the food stops. A ewe and a lamb were quickly put together by daisy and Trance. Daisy went to find another spider, Waltzer, who spun extra thick web…

Once outside among the trained sheep, daisy went about harnessing the train together. The lamb behind the ewe, with Waltzer on board, who quickly started spinning a web ladder. Fortunately it was a clear night , so the train made a good speed , once the message had been passed across to the Rescue centre where Sam was. As there would be no stops on this journey there were no porters about to aid the two spiders, but that didn't really matter as there would only be the food stops to worry about- and , of course,that was one of the reasons why Waltzer was spinning the web ladder.

The night was bright, with the Milky way streaming its colours overhead . Of these delights Daisy did have a little time for, but she was rather more concerned with the problem of staying awake. She really hadn't bargained for what might turn out to be quite a long evening of it. In future, she thought, perhaps an extra spider should be around for this kind of trip.
It actually seemed in no time at all they were arriving at the spider Rescue centre A very quiet Sam was snuffling his story out in a 'It weretn't me' type of voice, but Daisy soon made him feel at ease. 'C'mon Sam, lets get you home. Say goodbye to Rescue Spider Billy ' she made sure that Sam wasn't going to forget his days adventure.

'Right, now lets get you up on Lamb 2'. Sam found that his feet could easily curl round the web steps and he was soon on Lamb2's back and fast asleep. - with the ladder making a snug tie
around Sam to stop him falling off. Again, the moor was quiet and still on the way back. The only visitor was old Owl, who hoooooted a long goodnight as he flew overhead. Still dark on their return, a very tired Sam was rolled very gently from Lamb2, into the very grateful arms of his mum.
There was just a relieved 'Right you little horror' and another tearful 'but muuuuuuum'.

All children will know what happened later, even tho his getting 'rescued' wasn't his fault, it was his getting into the garage in the first place that caused everybody so much bother. Remember, its always the unexpected that catches you out.. at least this one had a happy ending