Hadrian's Wall and Hickory

Chapter 7: At Great Chesters

Gorgonzola counted to ten to keep his patience.  It was difficult not to get angry with Cinnamon.  He thought his young son was weak in many ways.  Cranberry would have to sort him out.

Cranberry bit her lip.  She secretly wanted to slap Prunella for being so silly and unkind.
“Your father will deal with you,” she stated.

In the far corners of the courtyard, the sheep shook their heads.  It seemed unlikely that Prunella and Cinnamon would improve.

Left to themselves, Prunella and Cinnamon discussed what they had heard of the marriage plans going ahead at the next fort.
“They say they are going to cover the wall in leaves,” sniggered Prunella.
Cinnamon laughed too as he recounted how they were storing food in what used to be the granaries, which were so open that anyone could take the food before hand, if they so desired.
“Of course, there are also rumours that there is a crown being made for Carrot Cake,” said Cinnamon.
          “Is this true?” shrieked Prunella.  She had to find out.  Carrot Cake was not even a queen, so why should she be having a crown to wear?  It seemed to Prunella that there were others that should have a crown before Carrot Cake: herself, for example.  She would have to find out more about this.

Cinnamon found himself being forced to follow as Prunella made her way to the side gate.
“And where do you think you are going?” the booming voice of Gorgonzola echoed across the courtyard.
Prunella grimaced.  Her father would never allow her to go and sort out this business of a crown.  She shoved Cinnamon behind her, as she felt sure their father had not spotted him.
          “Go on,” she hissed into his ear.  “Go get me that crown!”

Cinnamon winced as Prunella propelled him forcefully through the side gate.  Turning demurely, Prunella aimed a sweet smile toward her father.

Chapter 8: In a Barn