The Boundary Stone - Chapter 3: Travel

Chapter 3 - Travel

It was cold.  Dancer, Caroline and Gregory waited as patiently as they could, high up in a tree.  Their eyes scoured the tracks until they could see signs of sheep moving.

            “They appear to be heading in the right direction,” said Gregory.
            “Yes, let’s get ourselves into position,” said Caroline.

Lowering themselves on web strands, they dangled until the appropriate moment to jump.  All three successfully landed on the back of the very first sheep.  Once amongst the warmth of wool, safely together, they giggled.  It was soft and comfortable and they had nothing else to do except enjoy the long, ambling ride toward Thwaite Wood.

They enjoyed seeing the landscape from this different viewpoint and could appreciate how the tracks avoided boggy areas.  They could take in the different types of trees and varieties of terrain.  At one point the rambling track took them close to the northern edge of Muncaster Head Farm and they wondered how close they were to Stan’s territory.

It wasn’t until they were nearly there that they started wondering how they were going get off the sheep.  However, before they could develop a plan of action, their sheep spotted some luscious leaves and dived through some conifers to get at them.  In one long swoop, a low branch combed them out from the wool and deposited them among pine cones.

            “Phew,” said Gregory.

They could see the gates of Parsnip Park quite clearly.  Dancer did not want to wait long enough to get nervous, so she started to make her way inside straight away.  Caroline and Gregory watched as she began a long and tricky climb upwards over gnarled branches and vicious vines, into the precarious world of Parsnip Park.

Chapter 4 - Inside the Park