Watermillock is a scattered community on the northern shore of Ullswater. In the Middle Ages Watermillock was part of the parish of Greystoke, and was the site of a chapel. In the 1370s this chapel was served by a chaplain and his clerk, with another chaplain and clerk at Greystoke and at Threlkeld on the other side of the lake, an arrangement that the lord of the manor, Ralf of Greystoke, believed to be inadequate. In 1382 he founded a collegiate church at Greystoke. The two outlying chapels continued to exist, although they were blamed for diverting people from the mother church, which was said to be in a poor state. An 18th century house now stands on the site of the chapel. East of Watermillock, at Rampsbeck, there is a boat park run by Ullswater Marine, while to the west is an Outward Bound mountain school.

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