Parkgate Tarn


Parkgate TarnParkgate Tarn is a tree lined pool in the middle of the woods of Irton Park. The tarn was originally natural, but it was enlarged with a dam when it formed part of the gardens of Irton Hall (three quarters of a mile to the west). The dam is now in poor condition, so the tarn is slowly returning to its original size, with muddy margins. The lack of easy access is a shame, as this would otherwise be one of the prettier tarns of West Cumbria.


Grid Reference of centre: NY 118 005
Altitude: 210ft


How to Reach

Sadly Partgate Tarn sits in one of the few areas of Forestry Commission land that isn't access land (and the tarn isn't actually managed by the Commission). However a public right of way does pass very close to the western tip of the tarn, so it can at least be visited. This path links the roads north and south of Irton Park. The easiest access comes from the north - park in the disused quarry almost due south of the top of Irton Pike. Head west along the road to the western end of the woods, then turn left onto a track that runs south past the woods. This then turns left into the woods, before turning back right to run south. The western tip of the tarn will eventually be glimpsed from this path.


We pass Parkgate Tarn on our walk around Irton park.


No becks flow into Parkgate Tarn.


Parkgate Tarn drains into an unnamed beck that runs south-west out of the woods, but fades way before reaching the River Mite.

Other Features


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