Eel Tarn


Eel Tarn is one of the series of attractive tarns that nestle amongst the hills to the north of Eskdale. Eel Tarn faces away from Eskdale itself, sitting on the northern side of the attractive band of rocky ground that lines the valley.

To the north of the tarn is a more gentle grassy area, stretching up to Burnmoor Tarn. In every other direction the terrain is delightful, a maze of rocky outcrops and little crags, well worth exploring.

The tarn has a roughly oval shape, with a pointed north-western corner, where a half-hearted beck begins to flow north before fading away. The western shore can be a little damp, but nothing too bad. The eastern side is a little rockier, although not by much.


Grid Reference of centre: NY 189 019
Altitude: 680ft


How to Reach

Eel Tarn can be reached along two paths coming from Eskdale. The most direct route leaves the valley either at what used to be the Woolpack Inn or a little further west. The two paths merge and follow Eel Beck to the top of the ridge and then drops down to the tarn.

A longer but more gentle route starts at Boot. Follow the path that runs along the southern side of Whillan Beck. After about 500m the path splits - take the right-hand branch, which curves around the edge of rocky ground. This path actually skips past the tarn to the north. About one km past the path junction look for a second junction and branch right to find the tarn. s


None of our walks currently visit Eel Tarn


No becks flow into Eel Tarn.


A short beck runs north-west out of Eel Tarn, but quickly disappears.

Somewhat unusually Eel Beck, which flows south into Eskdale, doesn't actually start at this tarn. As you climbs up the footpath that runs near the beck you reach a high point then drop down slightly to reach the tarn.

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