Dry Tarn


Dry Tarn from Above Dry Tarn is the only tarn that entirely belongs to Great Gable, and sits in a magnificent position on the fell's south-eastern ridge. Sadly it is rather led down by its normal lack of water, which has given it its name. On occasion water can be found in the tarn, but not often. As a result one can normally walk easily across the bed of the tarn, which can be easily identified by the darker colour of the rock. Dry Tarn is well worth visiting if using the south-east ridge of Great Gable, although not a worthy target for a walk in its own right.


Grid Reference of centre: NY 215 098
Altitude: 2,150ft


How to Reach

Dry Tarn sits just to the west of the popular path up Great Gable from Sty Head. To find it look for the only significant break in the line of the ridge, caused by the shelf the tarn sits in and the slight rise to its south.


Our ascent of Great Gable via the North West Ridge returns past Dry Tarn


No streams flow into Dry Tarn


No streams flow out of Dry Tarn

Other Features


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