Silecroft is a coastal village at the southern tip of Black Combe, with an extensive beach. The village runs inland from the coast, which is just over half a mile to the south-west. The railway cuts the village in half, on its way north towards Sellafield and Whitehaven. The road into nearby Millom crosses the railway twice, so someone heading into town from the coastal side of the village has to cross three level crossing!

The beach is large, often quite empty and benifits from a good car park, although it can be rather windy! To the north Silecroft is overlooked by Black Combe, the only truly coastal fell in the Lake District.

Directions: Silecroft is just off the A 5093, at the southern tip of Black Combe and west of Millom.

Grid Reference: SD 131 819

URL: http://www.knowledge.me.uk/areas/lakes/silecroft.html

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