Seatoller is the last village in Borrowdale, and sits at the point where the B 5289 leaves the valley to climb up to Honister Pass. The village owes its existence to the slate quarries at the top of the pass. Before they were opened, in about 1643, there was only a single farm at Seatoller, but then a series of cottages were built for the quarry workers. Slate from the quarries was transported down Honister Pass and then over Styhead Pass into Wasdale and on to the coast. For some time the quarries were closed, but they have now reopened, and are a major tourist attraction.

The village now contains a National Trust car park and a National Park information centre. Just above the village High Doat provides a supurb low level viewpoint into Borrowdale, while paths also lead through Johnny Wood. The Allerdale Ramble passes through the village, heading south to its end point at Seathwaite.

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