Seathwaite (Borrowdale)

The tiny community of Seathwaite (‘Clearing amongst the Sedges’), at the far end of the road down Borrowdale, is best known as being the wettest inhabited place in England, with 120 inches of rain every year.

Seathwaite is a superb starting point for ascents of Great Gable and Scafell Pike, both of which can be climbed from Sty Head, two miles and 1,200 feet from the village. Great Gable can also be climbed via Gillercomb and Green Gable. Styhead Pass is also the shortest route between Borrowdale and Wasdale, and at one point during the nineteenth century was considered as a possible route for a road.

There is a reasonable amount of roadside parking on the approach to Seathwaite from Seatoller, but for me the best way to get to Seathwaite from Borrowdale is to park at Seatoller, then head east out of the village along the Borrowdale road, cross the River Derwent, then immediately turn right and follow the Allerdale Ramble as it runs along the eastern side of the valley.

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