River Cocker

The River Cocker is better known as the river that flows into the Derwent at Cockermouth than in its own right, although many visitors to Crummock Water and Buttermere drive alongside it for much of its length. The best known section of the Cocker is the short stretch that runs through Cockermouth town centre, passing under a bridge between the main shopping street and the castle hill. The river is also accessible close to its source, from the car park at Brackenthwaite Hows. The top of the How provides excellent views towards Buttermere. 


Map showing River CockerThe Cocker rises at the northern end of Crummock Water


The Cocker flows north through Lorton Vale, joining the Derwent at Cockermouth

Named Tributaries

Liza Beck
Coldgill Beck and Hope Beck
Thackthwaite Beck
Meregill Beck
Whit Beck
Wythe Gill
Gray Beck
Sandy Beck
Little Sandy Beck and Paddle Beck
Tom Rudd Beck

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