Bouth is a small square village in the hilly area between the southern ends of Coniston and Windermere, in the north-eastern corner of Furness. This is a craggy wooded area dominated by tiny twisty lanes, on the western side of the Rusland Valley.

The village is built in the form of a hollow square, with a field in the middle and buildings on roads that run around the edge. At the northern end of the field is the village green, and to its north is the White Hart pub.

The Black Beck Gunpowder Works of Messrs F. C. Dickson used to be close to the village, but the factory suffered two explosions. The second came in 1929 and the factory closed as a result.

In the hills to the north-east of the village is the Hay Bridge Nature Reserve. This was founded in 1971 by Helen Fooks as a memorial to her husband, Major Herbert Fooks. He had been a game warden in Grizedale Forest from 1956 and spent his life working in game management and conservation. The reserve was founded as a deer sanctuary, but is now a more general nature reserve, run by the John Strutt Conservation Foundation. The reserve is private, but is open to members or by appointment.



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