Blindcrake is a quiet village just to the north-east of Cockermouth, sitting above the River Derwent.

To the south of the village a hill slopes down to the River Derwent and Isel Hall. To the north and west there is an unusual field pattern, with long narrow fields running away from the village. Blindcrake itself is a long stretched out village running from south-west to north-east, parallel to the main Cockermouth to Carlisle road (the A 595) which is about half a mile away.

The village used to have a pond, Mortar Dub, which was used by the local farmers, but this was filled in around 1900 in a successful attempt to make the village less feverish. The old pond is now the village green.

The village used to have one of the smallest pubs in Britain, the Ghyll Yeat, but this shut some years ago.

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