LangcliffeThe village of Langcliffe falls into two distinct halves. To the east is a pleasant open area, with a series of houses surrounding the village green, and with the church on its eastern edge. This area also contains a free car park, and a minor road that leads up onto the hills above the village, passing through some fine limestone cliffs. In contrast the western half of the village is made up of tightly packed houses, running along the two minor streets that lead onto the main road through Ribblesdale.

During the Middle Ages Langcliffe was owned by Sawley Abbey, but the village owed its prosperity to Langcliffe Mill, a former cotton mill located west of the village, close to the Ribble. The mill is still in use, although is now a paper mill.

A number of caves can be found in the limestone cliffs that run north from Attermire Scar, amongst them Jubilee Cave, nearest to the minor road, and Victoria Cave, where bones, flints and tools dating back to 7,000 B.C. were found.

Our walk Langcliffe and Stainforth starts at the free car park here.

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