Aysgarth Falls

Aysgarth Falls are probably the best known of all the waterfalls in the Dales. In just over a mile, the Ure travels over five sets of falls, the middle three of which make up Aysgarth Falls. Seen at the right time of year (i.e. in the winter after prolonged wet weather) the falls are most impressive. On a hot dry summer day they remain beautiful, although much of the drama is lost.

High Force Aysgarth
High Force

High Force can be found upstream of the bridge across the River Ure. It can been seen from the bridge, or from a picnic area by the side of the river (small entrance fee).

Middle Force Aysgarth
Middle Force

From the car park at the visitors centre, a path leads east through Freeholder's Wood, visiting Middle Force and Lower Force. Between the two an official path leads down onto the rocky shelves that line the river. It is also possible to scramble (easily) down to the river bank below Lower Force.

Aysgarth Falls Lower Force Aysgarth Falls Lower ForceAysgarth Falls Lower ForceAysgarth Falls Lower ForceAysgarth Falls Lower Force
Lower Force

The falls are not the only attraction to be found here. By the bridge over the Ure is Yore Mill. The current mill was built after a fire destroyed an earlier building in 1851. It currently contains a cafe, craft shop and bric-a-brac shop. At the car park north of the river you will find a National Park visitors centre. The Freeholder's Wood is a rare example of managed woodland, where the age old practice of coppicing is still carried out.