Walk: Whiteside and Hopegill Head

Walk: Whiteside and Hopegill Head This is a splendid walk in the north-western corner of the Lake District, offering some splendid views north towards Scotland, and a super high level walk along the ridge of Whiteside and on to Hopegill Head.

This is a fairly straightforward walk, but it does include one very steep section (between Whin Ben and the summit ridge of Whiteside), an apparently rather nasty looking ridge that becomes easier as one approaches and turns out to be very simple indeed, and some slightly awkward moments close to the bottom of Gasgale Gill.

Ascent: 2,250ft
Length: 5 miles
Map: The English Lakes - North Western Area (OS Explorer Map Active)
Last Walked: Summer 2011

We start from the car park at Lanthwaite Green.

1: NY 159 208
Whiteside End
Several grassy paths head from the car park towards the dramatic entrance to the valley of Gasgale Gill. Follow the nearest, and follow it until you reach Liza Beck close to the entrance to the valley.
2: NY 163 209
Mouth of Gasgale GillA foot bridge crosses the stream here. Use this bridge, and then take the path that climbs steeply up the lower slope of Whin Ben, which from here looks to be quite a clear peak. As we follow the path it becomes clear that Whin Ben is actually an outlying ridge of Whiteside. Eventually we reach the level summit of Whin Ben, and follow the path on towards an increasingly steep looking shoulder of Whiteside.
3: NY 169 214
Rocks of Gasgale CragsFrom Whin Ben the path continues on to the east, before turning left to run north up the steep southern flank of Whiteside itself. This path is steep, but passes up broken rocky ground and is actually rather easy under foot. We reach the long summit ridge of Whiteside without any real difficulties, and follow the path along the grassy summit to the highest point on the fell.
4: NY 174 221

From this point the ridge walk to Hopegill Head is very clear. At this distance the western ridge of Hopegill Head looks to be a rather nasty rocky pinnacle, but as we get closer it gets wider and gentler, and we actually reach the summit of Hopegill Head without any problems at all.

5: NY 185 221
Hopegill Head from the West Two paths continue on from Hopegill Head, one curving around to the left around the head of some crags and one heading straight across the rounded grassy summit of Sand Hill. Follow this second path until we reach the head of Gasgale Gill
6: NY 189 211
Liza Beck, Gasgale GillAt this point turn right onto the path that runs down this dramatic steep sided valley. Most of this path is in good condition, but towards the end of the valley recent floods have caused some problems, so be prepared to cross from side to side to avoid one land slide in particular, and be aware that there is a simple rocky step to drop down near the exit to the valley.

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