Walk: Town End, Troutbeck

Map for Town End walkThis is our first walk starting from a Youth Hostel, and visits Town End, the southern end of Troutbeck village, before heading across the fell side to find splendid views down Windermere and up to Wansfell Pike. There is some road walking at the start and end, although this phase of the walk does offer the best views of the Troutbeck valley. We also pass the small village shop, which is well worth supporting.

Ascent: 550ft
Length: 3.5 miles
Map: Lakes South East
Last Walked: January 2013

We start from the Windermere Youth Hostel, at High Cross Castle, just to the north of Troutbeck Bridge. Parking elsewhere in Troutbeck is rather limited, although there is a little room for roadside parking in the village.

1: NY402007
Bridge Lane TroutbeckHead down the drive from the Youth Hostel, turn left onto the road and head up the valley towards Town End. Look out for the views down to the Trout Beck on the right - the road is carried above a surprising ravine at one point - and then for views up the Troutbeck Valley. Ignore the side road that merges in from the left and continue on to the village shop.
2: NY407026
The village shop sits at a crossroads, with three roads and one track. Our route on takes us up the track, Robin Lane. Turn sharply left onto this track, which climbs quite steeply up the fell side to the left of the road.
3: NY397023
Windermere from Robin Lane, Troutbeck After a bit the track levels out. It gently curves around to the right, climbing gently as it runs around the southern flank of a spur of higher ground. As the track climbs we get great views south towards Windermere. Wansfell from Hundreds Road We stay on this track until it splits, with a permissive route heading right up Hundred Lane, while the public right of way continues on straight ahead, dropping down along the edge of a field. At this point there is a great view of Wansfell Pike. At the junction turn back and retrace your steps for about 600ft.
4: NY398022
This brings us to a track that branches off to the right at 90 degrees. Turn onto this track and follow it for a short distance. This brings us to a gate across the track and a stile to the left. Cross the stile and follow a footpath that drops down the hillside.
5: NY400017
This path brings us to another small road. Turn left onto this road and follow it back to the main road in Troutbeck village. Turn right at this junction and follow the road back to the Youth Hostel.

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