Walk: Buckbarrow and Seatallan

Walk: Buckbarrow and SeatallanThis walk at the entrance to Wasdale takes us up Seatallan, one of the quieter fells in the area, via Buckbarrow, the dramatic crags that loom over the road into the valley. This can be a quiet area, although I reached the summit of Seatallan at the same time as hundreds of people doing a Mountain Marathon!

Ascent: 2000ft
Length: 5.5 miles
Map: Lakes South West
Last Walked: July 2012

We start at the small parking area just to the east of the buildings at Greendale, on the northern side of the road.

1: NY 144 056
Buckbarrow from BelowTurn right out of the parking area and head along the road (walking away from Wasdale Head). We follow this road for about 8/10ths of a mile, with the crags of Buckbarrow above and to our right.
2: NY 129 054
Towards the end of the road section we cross a small beck then reach some woods on the right of the Sheepfold on BuckbarrowGill Beck, Buckbarrowroad. Half way through the woods we reach Gill Beck. Turn right onto a footpath that climbs up to the right of the beck. This path climbs up through the woods, then emerges onto the open hillside, where it curves away to the right. The path crosses a stream and then climbs up towards the top of Buckbarrow, with the crags to its right and the grassy fellside to the left.
3: NY 136 059

At the top of Buckbarrow there are three main summits, two above the crags and a third a little further from the edge. Paths link all three, and all three are worth visiting, starting with the two nearer the edge. Our route onwards starts at the third and highest of these summits. A clear path heads north across the grassy slopes of Seatallan towards the rocky outcropping of Cat Bields, marked by a cairn.

Tosh TarnCrags of Buckbarrow

4: NY 130 069
Below BuckbarrowTurn right at Cat Bields and follow a clear path that runs all the way to the top of Seatallan.
5: NY 139 084

There are now two possible routes. Our suggested route heads away from the paths at this stage, and requires good visibility. The alternative route is to retrace your steps to Cat Bields and Seatallan.

Summit Cairn, SeatallanRed Pike from SeatallanMiddle Fell from Seatallan

To follow our preferred route take a 90 degree right turn at the summit of Seatallan and head towards Middle Fell. Head in this direction until you reach the top of an area of steeper rocky ground.

6: NY 142 081
At this point turn right and head along the top of this steeper ground, heading south and gently downhill, with Greendale Tarn to the left. As the slope to your left gets lower and less rocky look for a suitable opportunity to head down the slope and head towards Greendale Gill. Make sure that you do this before the stream begins to drop steeply down towards Wasdale
7: NY 143 068
Tongues Gills from AboveTurn right at the stream, but don't cross it. A reasonably clear path heads down towards Tongues Gills, becoming clearer as it goes. The last part of this path is a well constructed set of zig-zags that bring us down to the foot of the gills. At this point cross over Greendale Gill, and follow the path that heads downhill and back to the car park.

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