Near and Far Sawrey

Map for walk around the SawreysThis low level walk is in the heart of Beatrix Potter country. From the small village of Far Sawrey, we approach Near Sawrey, the site of Hill Top, Beatrix Potter's most famous home (now open to the public). From there we climb up into the hills west of Windermere to visit Moss Eccles Tarn, once owned by the Potter estate, and a hint of wildness on this gentle walk.

Ascent: 350ft/ 100m
Length: 2.5 miles/ 4km
Map: Explorer 07 English Lakes South East
Last Walked: 8 October 2007

We start this walk in the village of Far Sawrey, but one could also start from Near Sawrey at step 5.

1 (SD 378 954)
We start outside the pub in Far Sawrey, facing the main road. Turn right (to the west), passing by a row of white painted buildings next to the pub.
2 (SD 378 955)
Just past these buildings, we reach a T-junction where a minor side road leaves the main road back and to the left. Turn onto this road, and follow it as it passes through the village, past the impressive village shop and towards the church. (you may notice another side road that appears to head directly back to the pub, and wonder why we have made this short diversion - the answer is that village shop)
3 (SD 377 952)

St Peters church Far SawreyThe church is surrounded by another cluster of buildings. Just before we reach the very first of the buildings, a footpath leaves to the right. Turn onto this footpath, first as it runs across a series of fields, and then as it runs beside the road, heading towards Near Sawrey.

4 (SD 371 955)

Hill Top, Near SawreyThis path emerges onto the road just before we reach the entrance to Hill Top, Beatrix Potter's most famous house. If you want to visit Hill Top, then you will need to purchase a ticket from the small ticket office at the Hill Top car park. To reach this car park continue on along the main road through the village - the car park is just beyond an S-bend in the road.

To continue onwards pass by Hill Top towards the centre of the village.

5 (SD 370 956)

The main road curves slightly to the right and then to the left as it enters the village. At the start of the second (left hand) curve, turn right onto Stones Lane, a side road that heads north out of the village. Follow this lane as it climbs up out of the village and into the rolling hills to the north.

6 (SD 372 961)
The lane turns into more of a farm track at the edge of the village, before reaching the edge of some woodlands. About a third of a mile after we left the main road, another track joins this one from behind and to the right - we will be returning to Far Sawrey along this track. For the moment ignore it, and continue to head north, climbing gently as we go.
7 (SD 372 968)

Moss Eccles TarnA third of a mile later, we reach Moss Eccles Tarn, once owned by Beatrix Potter.

To return to our starting point, we retrace our steps from Moss Eccles Tarn to the junction at point 6. This time take the left hand branch, and follow it as it heads to the south east, eventually reaching Far Sawrey just to the west of the pub. Turn left onto the main road to return to our starting point.

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