Walk on Sale Fell

Map for walk on Sale FellSale Fell is one of the most familiar Lake District fells to the driver on the A 66, which runs around its eastern and northern flanks as it turns away from Bassenthwaite Lake. The fell is isolated from the nearby higher ground by the hidden Wythop Valley, and is a super grassy promenade, with great views of Skiddaw and Bassenthwaite.

Ascent: 850ft
Length: 3 1/4 miles
Map: North West Lakes
Last Walked: Spring 2012

There is a limited amount of parking just beyond the point where the road that runs east from Wythop Mill turns right to cross Wythop Beck.

1: NY 185 292
Ling Fell from Sale A good track heads east from the parking area, with Sale Fell to the left. Follow this track for about a third of a mile, ignoring the steep path that heads off at ninety degrees just after it passes through a gate into the open fellside.
2: NY 190 292
After about a third of a mile a good path branches off back and to the left. Take this path and follow it as it climbs up around the western end of Sale Fell.
3: NY 186 294
Summit of Sale FellThis path passes under Dodd Crag, and then begins to level out as it reaches the western end of the fell. At this point look for a path that branches off to the right, heading above Dodd Crag and up to the summit of Sale Fell.
4: NY 194 296
Bassenthwaite from SaleFrom the summit of Sale Fell we get a better idea of the shape of the hill - this is an isolated outcrop of high ground, with one summit to the west (Sale Fell), a Sale Fell from Lothwaiteminor top in the centre (Rivings) and an eastern summit (Lothwaite) that is only a few feet lower than Sale Fell itself. Our path heads down the eastern slope of Sale Fell, passes through a stone wall and then climbs up onto Rivings, before curving to the left to run onto Lothwaite.
5: NY 203 298
Wythop ValleyA path runs along the top the ridge that links Rivings and Lothwaite, and continued on to the edge of a forest. At this point turn right and follow a path that drops down the side of the fell, heading towards Bassenthwaite Lake.
6: NY 206 296
Wythop Old ChurchThis path soon brings us to a track. Turn right onto this track and follow it as it curves around the southern flank of Sale Fell before eventually returning to our parking place.

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