Around Rydal Water

Rydal WaterThis walk takes us all the way around Rydal Water, using a lake-side path on the southern shore and returning along the corpse road from Rydal to Grasmere. As a result the lake dominates on the first half of the walk, while the view of the mountains takes over on the return trip.

Ascent: 1,250ft/ 390m
Length: 4.2miles/ 7km
Map: Explorer 07 English Lakes South East
Last Walked: 5 November 2006

We start from the car park at White Moss Common, just to the west of Rydal Water.

1: NY 348 065

River RothayCross over the main road, and look for a footpath that leads down towards a grassy area by the River Rothay. Once in this area turn right and head up-stream along Rydal Woodsthe river, heading towards a footbridge. Cross this bridge.

Three paths lead away from the bridge, two following the river upstream and down, and a third that leads away from the river into the trees. Follow this third path.

2: NY 348 060

At the edge of the woods we reach a path running east-to-west across the hillside. Turn left onto this path. Almost immediately this path divides into two. The left hand path goes close to the water line while the right hand path climbs further up the side of Loughrigg Fell (the paths come back together close to the eastern end of Rydal Water).

Nab Scar on Heron PikeI recommend the lake side path, which reaches the water about half way along the lake shore and then runs by the water until reaching another wood at the eastern end of the lake. Follow the path though a small gate into the trees.

3: NY 363 061
The path through the trees leads to a bridge across the river. Cross this bridge, and follow the path that leads up to the main road in Rydal village. Turn right and head along the road.
4: NY 364 061
Rydal MountAfter a short distance turn left onto a side road signposted for Rydal Mount and Rydal Hall and follow this road as it climbs up the hillside.
5: NY 364 064
Rydal Corpse RoadJust past Rydal Mount turn left onto the signposted footpath. This path runs along the slopes of Heron Pike, with Rydal Water to the left. Follow this path all the way to the western end of Rydal Water.
6: NY 350 067
Falls near White MossWe follow this path for about a mile, until we reach a small cottage in the trees. Here a smaller footpath leaves this path, heading downhill to the left, following the line of a small beck back to the road. Just before the road the small beck falls over a surprisingly sizeable waterfall, just to the right of the path. At the road turn right and return to the car park.

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