Walk on Rushup Edge

Map for walk on Walk on Rushup Edge This walk visits some quiet countryside close to the popular viewpoint on Mam Tor, before climbing on to Rushup Edge, a fine ridge walk that rewards us with a superb view down into Edale and north towards Kinder Scout

Ascent: 1,000ft
Length: 6.5 miles
Map: Explorer 001
Last Walked: 12 July 2009

We start at the NT car park for Mam Tor, to be found just to the south west of that hill

1: SK 122 831
Leave the car park onto the main road. Cross the road and then turn left and follow it for a short distance until we reach a path that leaves to the right. Follow this path as it runs across a field, passing to the right of a small quarry.
2: SK 126 826
Mam Tor from the SouthThis path soon brings us back to the road. Cross the road and head for a gate just to the right. This leads into a field with two rights of way - one that runs along a track on the left hand side of the field and one grassy path that cuts diagonally across the field. Follow this second path, keeping an eye out for the impressive views back towards Mam Tor.
3: SK 125 814
After running through a series of fields our path reaches a rough track. Turn right and follow this track as it runs past the massive Eldon Hill Quarry and back to the road.
4: SK 112 816
Eldon Hill QuarriesTurn left onto the road and follow it as it runs down hill towards Perryfoot and the northern end of Perry Dale. Sadly one marked stretch of footpath that would take us off the road no longer exists on the ground, so we are forced to keep to the verge.
5: SK 099 812
PerryfootWe continue along this road until we reach a staggered crossroads. Turn right onto a lane that is just past a small private pond (Rushup Lane)
6: SK 091 824
This lane climbs up towards Rushup Edge, passing Rushop Hall on the way. Follow the lane all the way up to its junction with the road that leads to the car park. Cross the road, and then turn right onto a footpath that runs parallel to the road for a short distance, before climbing diagonally up onto the ridge, cutting a deep grove into the hillside for some of the time. This path climbs up onto the top of the ridge and eventually emerges at Lord's Seat, a tumulus that is a fantastic viewpoint, overlooking Mam Tor and Edale and looking towards Kinder Scout.
7: SK 122 834
Edale seen from Lord's Seat Rushup EdgelAfter leaving Lord's Seat the path runs along an increasingly narrow ridge heading towards Mam Tor and the road that cuts across the ridge. Towards the end of the ridge a number of paths run down to the road. Cross the road, and then follow the footpath that runs downhill, parallel to the road, back into the NT car park.


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