Walk: Robinson from Buttermere

Map for Robinson from ButtermereThis walk visits the summit of Robinson, one of the main Buttermere fells, using a path that is clearly visible from the village.

In the second part of this walk we leave the paths and make our own way down the slope between Littledale Edge and Gatesgarth. This part of the walk really requires good visibility, as you need to pick your own way down the slope, and is recommended for more confident walkers.

Ascent: 2,400ft
Length: 6 miles
Map: Lakes North West
Last Walked: March 2012

We start from the National Trust car par in Buttermere. It is also possible to park on the lower reaches of Newlands Pass, just past Buttermere Church, in which case the walk starts at step 2.

1: NY 172 172
Path to High SnockriggTurn right out of the NT car park and follow the road down into Buttermere village. Pass through the village and climb up past the church. Just past the church turn left onto the road that leads towards the Newlands valley.
2: NY 178 171
Knott Rigg from High SnockriggFollow this road past the area of roadside parking and towards a sharp left-hand curve. Just before this curve a footpath leaves to the right. Turn onto this path and follow it as it climbs steeply up the flank of High Snockrigg, zig-zaging for most of its route.
3: NY 185 171

The path is fine until it reaches the top of a gully. At this point the path crosses a rather narrow rocky ledge, which I must admit looks rather precarious. For those who are happy with the main path continue over the ledge and follow the path onto the edge of the plateau between High Snockrigg and Robinson.

For those who are not happy with the ledge (myself included), there is an alternative. Stand on the last stage of the path before the ledge, facing away from the ledge. An easy grassy slope heads towards the skyline - climb up this slope, heading across and to the left. This slope brings us back onto the ridge that the path used lower down the fell. Head up this easy ridge. As the ridge begins to level out look for a wide grassy ledge that heads across to the left - follow this to rejoin the main path.

A clear path branches off the main path heading left onto High Snockrigg - this is well worth the diversion, and provides a good view of the next stage of the walk.

4: NY 188 170

Robinson from High SnockriggFrom the top of High Snockrigg two paths can be seen heading across Buttermere Moss, the large wet area between here and the main summit of Robinson. Our route uses the right-hand path (the left-hand route appears to come from the top of Newlands Hause). Head back down from High Snockrigg to the main path, turn right and follow it across the Moss (or in clear dry weather head straight down from High Snockrigg and cut across to the path).

This path brings us to the base of the bulky summit of Robinson. Our path climbs up and to the left, cutting across the slope and eventually brings us to the southern end of the final summit plateau.

5: NY 202 168
High Stile in the SnowAs we reach the summit a clear path heads right (south-east). This is the point to decide if you want to try the 'off road' descent. If not then return to Buttermere by retracing your steps. Otherwise turn right onto this path and follow it as it runs to the southern side of the fell and then follows a fence line to drop down to Littledale Edge.
6: NY 206 161

Littledale Edge As we approach the lowest point on the ridge linking Robinson to Hindscarth look for a suitable place to carefully cross the fence. On the far side of the fence continue on until you reach a breach in the low line of crags - a grassy ramp climbs up from the ground below up to the fence.

This brings us to the top of an undulating grassy slope that leads down towards Gatesgarth and the lower reaches of Honister Pass. Directions are impossible on this section - make your own way down the slope, taking advantage of the folds of the ground to avoid any overly steep area. We tended towards the right, eventually reaching level ground close to Gatesgarth Farm - this meant we didn't have to worry about crossing the Gatesgarthdale Beck, but pick the route that seems easiest to you.

7: NY 194 150
We eventually reach the road. Turn right and head towards Buttermere lake. We stay on the road for a short distance after it reaches the lake.
8: NY 189 156
A short way along the lake a clear footpath leaves the road to the right and heads along the lake shore. Follow this path, which is a delightful way to finish the walk. At the far end of the lake continue on straight ahead, ignoring the path that continues on around the lake. Our path cuts across several fields and reaches Buttermere village at a rather good tea room. From the tea room turn left onto the road and follow it back to the NT car park.


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