Coastal Walk from Ravenglass

Link to map for coastal walk from RavenglassThis short walk explores the area around Ravenglass, the only coastal village in the National Park. In April 2010, when I last did this walk, the gorse bushes were in full bloom, and the atmosphere was filled with their scent (competing a little with the evocative smell of the steam engines on the Eskdale railway).

One word of warning - the last part of this walk follows the tidal part of the River Esk, so make sure that you don't arrive here at high tide.

Ascent: 250ft
Length: 3.3 miles
Map: The English Lakes - South Western Area (OS Explorer Map Active)
Last Walked: 17 April 2010

We start in the free car park in the centre of Ravenglass

1: SD 085 964
The car park is bordered on one side by the main railway line. At the far-right corner of the car park (opposite the car entrance) a footbridge crosses the railway. Cross this bridge, then continue on along the footpath on the far side of the railway.
2: SD 086 964
This brings us to a tree-lined drive. Turn right onto this drive and follow it to the ruins of the Roman baths at Walls Castle.
3: SD 089 958

Wall CastleJust after the Roman remains the drive splits in two. Take the left-hand branch, and follow it to Newtown farm, ignoring any side branches. Follow the track through the farmyard (passing to the left of the main building), and pass through Country Lane at Walls, near Ravenglass a gate that leads onto a track that rusn south, with the steep slopes of Newtown Knott to the left and more gentle slopes running down to the coast to the right.

The right of way follows this track around the base of Newtown Knott. The southern part of the Knott is access land, and well worth the scramble to the top for the impressive view.

4: SD 094 952
Newtown KnottThe right of way on its track curves around to the left to follow the curve of the hill. At this point look out for a very large gate in the impressive field wall to the south (right). Head through this gate and straight across the next field.
5: SD 095 949
Esk Estuary PathThis brings us to the edge of a small wood that lines the River Esk. Our route turns left just inside the wood, then turns right to come down to the river bank, then finally turns right to run alongside the river, with the woods to the right and the river to the left.
6: SD 088 948

We follow this path all the way back into Ravenglass. After crossing under the railway line it swings around to the right, and the village soon comes into sight. This is the part of the walk that can be blocked by high tide, so time things to make sure that you don't arrive here at high water. The riverside path eventually brings us to the end of the village street and the slipway. Head along this most scenic part of Ravenglass, then when you reach the hotels at the far end look for an alley way that leads back to the car park.

Ravenglass across the Esk Ravenglass Foreshore Dunes at Ravenglass

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