Long Mynd North

Map for walk on the northern Long MyndThis walk takes us around the northern part of the Long Mynd, visiting Cwmdale and the Batch Valley before climbing along the spine of the Long Mynd up to highest point at Pole Bank. We then return to our starting point through Light Spout Hollow, with its somewhat unexpected waterfall.

Ascent: 1,400ft
Length: 8 miles
Last Walked: 31 December 2008

We start at the National Trust car park in Carding Mill Valley.

1 (SO 446 944)
We start by turning our backs on the Carding Mill Valley and heading east back towards Church Stretton.
2 (SO 452 941)
Madeira WalkAbout 500ft after we reach the first houses Madeira Walk branches off to the left, signposted as a public right of way. Follow Madeira Walk as it runs between some of the large houses on the edge of Church Stretton. After about a third of a mile we reach the end of the houses, and for a short distance the walk becomes a forest path.
3 (SO 454 948)
Misty CwmdaleSoon after this the path emerges onto a minor road. Turn left and follow this road as it runs up into Cwmdale, curving around to the right to approach Cwmdale Farm.
4 (SO 451 949)
The path through CwmdaleJust as we approach the cluster of buildings in Cwmdale a footpath leaves the road and climbs up the hillside to the right. Follow this path as it climbs past the buildings then curves around Nover's Hill, following the line of the field boundaries to the left.
5 (SO 455 954)
The Batch ValleyThis path brings us to the Batch Valley. To reach the valley floor continue along our path as it runs east across the open hillside, until eventually a path branches off to the left and drops down to the valley bottom. Follow this path, cross the bridge over the stream through the valley and then turn left and head up the valley road.
6 (SO 448 958)
After about half a mile the valley splits in two. Cross the bridge over the stream and follow the path that leads up the right hand branch. After a short distance a footpath leaves the valley bottom and climbs up the slope to the right, passing above an isolated house in the valley and heading for the point where a stream has cut a notch into the valley walls. Follow this path.
7 (SO 451 962)

At the top of the slope our path reaches the notch in the valley walls, which turns out to be the mouth of a shallow flat bottomed valley. Our path follows this valley for a short distance and then climbs up the left-hand slope to reach a plateau crossed by a number of paths.

This next section of the walk crosses the grassy slopes of the northern Long Mynd. A number of alternative routes cross this area, and only when the grass is replaced by heather is our choice of path restricted. Our map shows the right of way, but our description follows the main path.

Haddon HillFollow our path as it runs alongside the last stretch of the shallow valley. This brings us to a major path across the hilltop - turn left onto the path and follow it as it passes a small cluster of fields. Follow this major path as it curves around to the left, slowly climbing up the back of the Long Mynd (at this point the right of way runs a little further to the right, close to a straight hedge line).

8 (SO 445 969)
Our path curves around until we are heading west, and then south west, slowly getting closer to the hedge line all the time. Eventually this path almost joins the path by the hedge. At this point our path splits in two, giving us a choice of three routes - take the central path.
9 (SO 432 963)
This path eventually brings us close to a minor road. At this point the path curves to the left for one final time and then continues to climb gently as it runs south-west across the hilltop.
10 (SO 421 953)
This path runs south-west all the way to Pole Bank, the highest point on the Long Mynd. Three quarters of a mile after it passes the road the path reaches a cluster of junctions where Wales from Pole Bankthe path from Light Spout Hollow reaches the ridge. Three parallel paths continue onto to the south-west - take the right-hand path and follow it as it passes a small car-park and crosses a minor road. Pole Bank is two thirds of a mile past this road, at the top of a final climb.
11 (SO 415 944)
After visiting Pole Bank we retrace our steps to the cluster of paths above Light Spout Hollow, roughly a quarter of a mile past the minor road.
12 (421 953)
Upper Light Spout valleyAt this point a path runs off to the right, heading towards the head of the valley. Turn onto this path and follow it as it runs into the valley. The upper section of the path runs along the plateau to the left of the valley, but after a short distance, as the valley narrows and deepens it drops down towards the stream.
13 (431 950)

Frozen steps at Light SpoutAfter half a mile the path reaches Light Spout Hollow. The main path drops down a flight of stone steps which bring us to the foot of the waterfall. In icy weather these Semi-frozen light spout waterfallsteps can be frozen over, becoming solid blocks of ice - if that is the case then take a smaller path that continues along the hillside and before dropping down to the main path a little further down the valley.

After passing the waterfall follow the path down the valley, all the way back to the car park in Carding Mill Valley.