Lingmoor Fell from Little Langdale

Map for walk up Lingmoor Fell from Little LangdaleLingmoor Fell is the high ground that seperates Great and Little Langdale, but despite such a prominant position its summit is often quiet. Although Lingmoor Fell is one of the lower fells in the Langdale scene it is an excellent viewpoint, especially for the Langdale Pikes from the summit and over Windermere on the way up.

Ascent: 1,250ft
Length: 3.5 miles
Map: Map: The English Lakes - South Eastern Area (OS Explorer Map Active)
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We start in the village of Little Langdale, where there is a limited amount of roadside parking.

1: NY 315 034
Head west along the road through Little Langdale, following it as it curves right and climbs up past the last houses in the village, then turns left to head up the valley.
2: NY 313 034
After a short level section above the village the road begins to drop back down towards the valley floor. At this point turn right onto a small lane and follow it as it heads north-east across the lower slopes of Lingmoor Fell.
3: NY 317 038
We stay on this lane for the next third of a mile, passing to the left of Dale End Farm. Just after the farm the lane enters a long narrow field, running alongside the right-hand wall. A short way into this field the right-hand wall ends. At this point a clear path leaves to the left. Follow this path, which cuts across the narrow field, then turns to the left to cut diagonally across a corner of the next field before running west across the bottom of the next field.
4: NY 314 038

Little Langdale from Lingmoor FellAt the end of this field the path passes through another wall. A minor path continues along the foot of the fell, but our route takes us to the right, where a well build footpath climbs up the side of the fell, zig-zagging as it goes.

View west along Lingmoor FellTowards the top of the climb a path branches off to the left - ignore this path and continue along the main path, which after passing between small crags on both sides turns left and climbs up the eastern flank of the fell. We follow this path all the way to the summit. After a short distance we come within site of a stone wall that runs along the top of the fell - our path stays close to this wall most of the way to the summit.

Summit of Lingmoor FellLangdale Pikes from Lingmoor FellThe route to the top is straight but not level - we reach two false summits before the real top. After the second false summit the wall turns away to the left, while the path continues on for a short distance, before we turn right to follow it as it climbs up the front of Brown How (with a short gentle scramble required). The path then continues across the summit plateau before crossing a stile to reach the summit.

5: NY 303 044
Summit cairn on Lingmoor FellTo return to Little Langdale we retrace our steps from the summit. Remember the short scramble at the edge of the summit plateau, and the two false summits, which now have to be crossed in reverse.
6: NY 311 041
View east along Lingmoor FellThe only moment of doubt on the descent comes just over half a mile from the summit. After running close to the wall for a short distance our path turns right. A little way from the wall we reach a junction in the path, where a clear path leaves to the left while the main path heads south, then curves gently around to the left. Follow this second path, ignoring the right turn, which actually heads down to Elterwater. The curving path soon brings us back to the top of the zig-zag path down into Little Langdale.

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