Kinder Scout: The Nab and Ringing Roger

Map for Kinder Scout: The Nab and Ringing Roger Our second walk on Kinder Scout takes us around the Nab up to Ringing Roger, then around the edge of the Kinder Plateau, past the dramatic scramble of Grindsbrook Clough and onto the superb viewpoint of Grindslow Knoll. One of the more unusual features of this walk is that we are never more than a mile and a half from our starting point, so Edale village is visible for almost the entire walk!

Ascent: 1,500ft
Length: 5 miles
Map: Explorer 001
Last Walked: 11 July 2009

We start at the southern end of the village of Edale.

1: SK 123 853
Head north up the main street through Edale village, towards the looming bulk of Kinder Scout.
2: SK 122 861
Just as we pass the last buildings in the village a path leaves to the right. Follow this path as is drops down to cross the Grinds Brook before climbing up to emerge into an open field on the north bank.
3: SK 122 826
Follow the stone built path as it runs through a narrow part of the field and then turns left into a wider field. Just after this a grassy path branches off to the right, heading straight for the steep slopes of the Nab. Take this path and follow it as it climbs up the slope, following the series of zigzags that lead up to Ringing Roger. Follow the path that climbs up the rocky ridge itself, until it levels out in an area of wind-blown rock formations.
4: SK 126 873
Ringing RogerEdale from Golden CloughA number of small paths cut across the hillside north from Ringing Roger, all joining to cross Golden Clough. Follow any of these paths, then follow the single path that runs around the edge of Kinder Scout, with the unusual peat landscape to the left and the drop down to Edale to the left.
5: SK 105 872
Looking down Grindsbrook Clough
Eventually we reach a crossroad of paths at the head of Grindsbrook Clough. Cross over the brook and then turn left onto the path that runs south-east towards the isolated hilltop of Grindslow Knoll.
6: SK 109 868
Kinder from Grindslow KnollLeave the main path to climb up onto the top of the Knoll, which offers a fine viewpoint back towards Kinder Scout, then return to it and follow the very clear path as it drops steeply down the side of the hill towards Edale. At the bottom of the steepest part of the slope the path cuts diagonally across a number of fields, before joining the Pennine Way and following it back into Edale.

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