High Force and Low Force

Map -High Force and Low Force This walk visits two very different waterfalls - the dramatic plunge of High Force into its ravine and the lower but still powerful falls at Low Force, a plaything for canonists. Be aware that the paths by High Force are unfenced and thus require care at all times.

Ascent: 400ft
Length: 5 miles
Last Walked: Summer 2012

We start from the car park at Bowlees

1: NY 908 282
A footbridge crosses Bow Lee Beck. Cross this bridge, then follow the path that climbs up and to the left out of the river valley. This brings us to the back of a large building, which we pass to reach the road at a T-junction in Bowlees. Head straight across this junction and follow the southern branch as it heads towards the main road.
2: NY 906 280
Footbridge at Low ForceTurn right, then almost immediatly cross the road and turn left onto a very clear footpath that heads across two fields to the edge of the woods that line the River Tees at this point. Follow the path through the woods and down to the river. Low Force is just to the right of the path, and is best seen from this side of the river.
3: NY 903 278

Cut in River TeesLow ForceAfter visiting the falls look for an impressive suspension bridge that crosses the river (please note the warning sign limiting the number of people on the bridge at any one time). Cross this rather bouncing bridge, and then turn right onto a footpath that funs alongside the Tees, with the water to the right. Follow this path as it heads up the river all the way to High Force.


4: NY 880 283
High Force from aboveThere are several viewpoints for High Force on this side of the river, but be aware that all of them are unfenced and there are tall drops into dangerous waters. The first viewpoint comes just before we reach High Force, where a path branches off to the right to visit a clearing with a stunning view of the falls from the front. Continue on to find a view straight down the falls. After visiting High Force retrace your steps back along the Tees, across the bouncy bridge and back across the fields to Bowlees and the starting point (this is far more interesting than the alternative routes across the fields north of the Tees).