White Moss Common and Grasmere

Map for walk at GrasmereThis short walk combines a trip into Grasmere with a visit to White Moss Common, a very minor summit, but a superb viewpoint for Grasmere, Rydal Water and the surrounding fells, discovered by accident while trying to avoid parking chaos in Grasmere!

Ascent: 400ft/ 130m
Length: 2.6 miles/ 4km
Map: Explorer 07 The English Lakes South East
Last Walked: 5 November 2006

This walk starts from the National Trust car park at White Moss Common, built into an old quarry to the north of the A 591, just west of Rydal Water

1: NY 349 065
At the entrance of the car park turn left and follow the roadside path for a very short distance. Just to the east of the car park, we turn left again, onto a rough track that climbs north, curving around the edge of the old quarry and then winding its way up to the saddle between White Moss Common and the lower slopes of Heron Crag.
2: NY 347 067
At the top of the climb our track joins a minor lane. At the junction a footpath leads off into the trees to the left, running past a bench. Follow this path as it winds its way around the eastern slopes of White Moss Common.
3: NY 345 064
White Moss CommonAfter gently climbing up through the trees on the eastern slopes, our path emerges onto the top of White Moss Common, a charming miniture landscape of crags and Rydal Waterbogs, criss-crossed by footpaths. Take some time to explore this area, which offers some great viewpoints over Rydal Water and Grasmere. Finally, we retrace our steps back along the path we came by, returning to the junction between our original track and the minor lane. Turn left and follow the lane down towards Grasmere.
4: NY 343 067
Helm CragOur lane soon joins a slightly bigger lane. Turn right onto this lane, and follow it down into Grasmere, passing by Dove Cottage on the way. Just after we pass Dove Cottage, this lane meets the main A 591. Cross the road, and take the minor road that leads into Grasmere village.
5: NY 336 074
Once we have finished in Grasmere, we retrace our steps back to the main road.
6: NY 341 071
Cross back over the road and take the lane that leads past Dove Cottage. This time, instead of turning off to climb back over White Mose Common, we are going to follow this lane as it curves around the base of the common, before returning us to the NT car park.

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