River Bleng from Gosforth

Map for walk from Gosforth to BlengdaleThis gentle walk takes us up onto the flanks of Bleng Fell, one of the gentle grassy fells that line the lower reaches of the rivers Bleng and Calder. We then drop down into Blengdale, visiting the southern edge of Blengdale Forest, before returning along the river to Wellington and Gosforth villages.

Ascent: 480ft
Length: 4 miles
Map: The English Lakes - South Western Area (OS Explorer Map Active) (OS Explorer Map Active)
Last Walked: 13 November 2009

We start from the public car park in Gosforth

1: NY 067 035
Turn right out of the car park. Follow the road up to a small roundabout. Turn right at the roundabout, and then turn right again onto a side road that quickly begins to climb up out of the village
2: NY 067 039
Gosforth from the NorthWe follow this lane up to and just past Blennerhazel. Just after this last building turn right onto a footpath that runs north-east along the edge of the next few fields. Follow this path through the next five fields, until it brings us out onto a minor road.
3: NY 073 043
Turn left onto this road, and follow it as it runs north-west, towards a small patch of woodland.
4: NY 070 047
Just past the trees the road turns left, and a lane branches off to the right. Turn onto this lane, and then almost immediatly turn right again onto a lane that runs almost due east, with the trees to the right. Follow this lane for about half a mile.
5: NY 077 049
Wasdale from Bleng FellAfter half a mile the main track becomes a private road, with no access, and the right of way turns right onto a smaller track that runs down the side of the hill towards a farm called Whinnerah. Follow this track down to the farm, where it turns sharply to the right (follow the footpath signs through the farm), and continues on its way down the hill.
6: NY 081 049
Gate in BlengdaleWe follow this track as it runs south-west down the hill. After a short distance it curves around to the left, following the edge of a field, then splits, with one path continuing straight down the hill and the other turning further to the left and running north-east, down and across the hill. Take this second path and follow it until it brings us down to the road that runs alongside the Bleng.
7: NY 083 050

River BlengAt this point we have a choice. To return directly to our starting point turn right onto this road, and follow it back into Wellington village, where it joins the road from Gosforth into Wasdale. Continue in the same direction along this road to return to the visit.

The alternative is to make a short diversion into Blengdale Forst (with some of the tallest trees in the Lake District). To do this turn left onto the road instead of right and follow it for as long as you wish, then retract your steps to return to Wellington and Gosforth.

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