Walk: Hindscarth and Dale Head from Newlands Valley

Map for Walk: Hindscarth and Dalehead from Newlands ValleyThis walk had three distinctive sections. We begin with an exhilarating walk up Scope End, a long narrow ridge that brings us up to the start of the second phase of the walk, the fine high altitude ridge that connects Hindscarth with Dale Head. The third and final section takes us along the upper reaches of Newlands Beck, as it runs between Scope End and High Spy, and is dominated by the crags that line the western slopes of High Spy and Maiden Moor.

Ascent: 2,550ft
Length: 7.5 miles
Map: The English Lakes - North Western Area (OS Explorer Map Active)
Last Walked: 28 April 2009

We start at the small car park just to the south of Little Town, in the Newlands Valley (at the base of the steep hill that runs down to Newlands Beck).

1: NY 231 194
Newlands SchoolOur car park is right next to a bridge over Newlands Beck. Follow the road over the bridge, and then turn left onto a track that leads to the old school building, which from a distance looks very much like a church. Ignore the track that leaves to the left, and continue on along the same track for another third of a mile.
2: NY 225 192

After a third of a mile turn left onto a public footpath that crosses the field alongside the road. Follow this path across two fields to Low House Farm. The path brings us up to the Scope Endfront of a long farm building. Turn right and follow the path to the end of this long building, then turn left and follow it as it runs through some small fields close to the path and then just to the right of the next field boundary. This path almost becomes a track as it curves around the northern end of Scope End.

Follow this track as it climbs up across the northern tip of Scope End, and then curves around to the right towards Low Snab Farm

3: NY 229 186

Hindscarth from Scope EndFollow the track as it runs alongside Low Snab Farm. As the track draws level with the last buildings turn right onto a track that climbs up the ridge to the right, turning very sharply right, and then curving gently around to the left as it climbs up towards the ridge line. Where this path reaches the ridge line, turn left onto a path that climbs straight up the northern front of Scope End.

Newsland Valley from HindscarthThis path now leads us directly up Scope End and all the way to the summit of Hindscarth. After a relatively short period of scrambling, the path is straightforward and quite gentle until it reaches the northern slopes of Hindscarth itself, where it becomes rather steeper. On top of Hindscarth continue along the same path as it runs south along the summit ridge.

4: NY 213 159
This path eventually reaches Hindscarth Edge, which looms over Honister Pass. At this point our path reaches a T-Junction. Turn left and follow the path as it drops down slighting as it runs along the edge, and then climbs up onto Dale Head, with impressive views down into Buttermere to the right.
5: NY 223 153
The OS map shows four rights of way meeting on the summit of Dale Head, but only three of these exist on the ground - the path we have approached on, the path south to Honister Hause and the path that runs north-east towards Dalehead Crags. Follow this path down the side of the fell for about one fifth of a mile. At this point we reach a T-junction, where we turn right and follow the clearer path as it runs east down to Dale Head Tarn.
6: NY 229 152

Dale Head TarnThis path brings us down to the left of the tarn. It then curves around the eastern side of the tarn (passing between the tarn and a rocky outcrop). The path then turns left to cross the upper reaches of Newlands Beck. On the opposite side of the beck turn left and follow the main path.

High Spy CragsAfter a short distance a smaller path branches off to the left, running alongside the tarn. Take this path, and follow it as it runs down into the deep dramatic valley between Scope End and High Spy. This path runs all the way back to our starting point, eventually becoming a sizable track which passes just above the car park. Just after this a side-path drops down to the left and joins the road.


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