Along the Calder to the Abbey

Map for walk along the Calder to the AbbeyThis is a short but pleasant river-side walk that leads along the Calder from Calder Bridge up to Calder Abbey and back again.

Ascent: 20ft
Length: 1 mile
Map: The English Lakes - South Western Area (OS Explorer Map Active)
Last Walked: February 2010

We start from the free car park in Calder Bridge

1: NY 041 060
The Calder at Calder BridgeFrom the car park head towards the church. Just in front of the church turn left onto a signposted footpath that runs alongside the Calder for half a mile.
2: NY 050 062
Calder Abbey houseThis path brings us up to Calder Abbey House, a privately owned mansion. Although a path does continue on past the front of the house (and is now fenced off from the grounds), this is where the right of way ends, so we retrace our steps back down the river.

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