Walk up Buttermere Dodd

Map for walk up Buttermere DoddThe subsidiary summit of Dodd lies at the end of a ridge that runs towards Buttermere from Red Pike, and from the village completely hides the main summit. Despite being rarely climbed in its own right, Dodd is a very good viewpoint, with particularly fine views of Red Pike and High Stile and down onto Buttermere and Crummock Water. Just over 300 feet lower than Red Pike, its summit is often free of cloud on days when more impressive peaks are shrouded in mist and fog. This walk offers a good destination on such days, and can easily be extended to include Red Pike if the weather clears.

Ascent: 1,850ft
Length: 4 miles
Map: The English Lakes - North Western Area (OS Explorer Map Active)
Last Walked: 28 September 2008

We start in the centre of Buttermere village.

1 (NY 174 169)
We start in the centre of Buttermere village, facing the Fish Hotel. Take the track that runs to the left of the hotel, past the hotel car park. Follow this track down to Buttermere. At the edge of the lake turn right and cross the bridge over Buttermere Dubs.
2 (NY 172 162)
Bleaberry TarnOnce over the bridge turn left and follow the path that runs into the woods on the southern shore of Buttermere. Just inside the woods a path leaves to the right, climbing up a long flight of steps. Take this path, and follow it as it climbs all the way up through the trees, onto the open fell side and eventually up to Bleaberry Tarn.
3 (NY 166 154)
Red Pike from Bleaberry TarnThe path up onto the saddle between Dodd and Red Pike is very obvious from the Tarn. Follow this path. Close to the top of the saddle a side-path branches away to the right. Follow this path, which soon brings us onto the curiously regular path that leads onto the top of Dodd.
4 (NY 162 156)

Red Pike from DoddAt this point one has a clear choice of routes. Our route takes us onto the minor summit of Dodd, overlooking Buttermere, but if you want to visit the summit of Red Pike instead the route onwards is very obvious, and adds about 400 feet of climb to the walk.

Buttermere from DoddThe top of Dodd is marked by two cairns - one on the summit, and one indicating a safe viewpoint over Crummock Water and Buttermere.

Ling CombThe start of the route down via Ling Comb is not as obvious as it could be. A clear path does head down into the Comb, but this route soon heads too far to the right. The correct path can be seen further to the left, heading across the comb. To find the start of this path start down the obvious path, but after just over 100 feet look for an indistinct branch heading off down the slope to the left (if you don't find the branch, cut across the heather)

This path becomes very clear very quickly, running along the top of what almost looks like a causeway. It then follows the top of a minor ridge that butts out into Ling Comb, heading towards Far Ruddy Beck and Lingcombe Edge. Just before reaching the beck our path reaches a path running across the hillside at a t-junction - turn right and follow this path as it heads down and to the right.

5 (NY 162 164)

Scales Wood, Crummock WaterWhichever path you follow eventually comes to the stone wall that separates the open hillside from the trees lining Buttermere. If you have followed the path described here, then you will reach the wall at a point where it climbs up to the right and drops down to the left. Our path passes through the wall, then curves around to the right and after a brief scramble drops down to the top of the trees.

The path through the trees is steep and rocky, needs care and should probably be avoided after wet weather. Follow it all the way down to the valley bottom.

6 (NY 163 169)
At the bottom of the valley our path reaches the path that leads to Scale Force. Turn right, and follow this path back towards Buttermere.
7 (NY 167)
After a third of a mile on this track we reach Scale Bridge. Cross over the bridge, and follow the track on the far side around the edge of a couple of fields and back onto the path we used to reach Buttermere at the start of the walk - follow this path back into the village.

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