Walk: Brackenthwaite Hows

Brackenthwaite HowsThis short walk takes us onto Brackenthwaite Hows, once a famous viewpoint known as being one of the best places to view the Buttermere Fells from. Although the fame may have gone, the view certainly hasn't!

Ascent: 400ft
Length: 2 miles
Map: The English Lakes - North Western Area (OS Explorer Map Active)
Last Walked: January 2010

We start from the small car park at Lanthwaite Green Farm.

1: NY 159 207

Turn left out of the car park and follow the road past the farm. On the far side of the farm turn left onto the signposted footpath. Follow this path as it runs around the farm, then runs along the left-hand side of the next field to reach a bridge over a small stream.

On the far side of the bridge follow the path as it runs around the right-hand side of the field, heading away from the stream towards the edge of the trees.

2: NY 156 207
Once inside the trees the path turns into a track that turns left then curves round to the right and runs through the wood, with Crummock Water just visible down the slope to the left. Follow this track for about half a mile.
3: NY 150 212
After half a mile the track splits in two - take the right hand branch. This brings us to a cross-roads with the two tracks at a tight angle. Head straight across here.
4: NY 149 214
The path to Brackenthwaite Hows from Lanthwaite Wood After a short distance on this track a footpath leaves to the right, heading back into the trees. The first few steps on this path are a bit indistinct, but it soon becomes very clear as it zig-zags its way up the steep hillside before leveling out and running alongside a fence to reach the edge of the trees.
5: NY 151 214
The summit of Brackenthwaite HowsAt the edge of the trees we emerge into an open area, leading up to the summit of Brackenthwaite Hows. A number of different routes are available across this open space, so take whichever you want and follow it up to the top of the hill.
6: NY 153 213
The Buttermere Fells from Brackenthwaite Hows Brackenthwaite Hows has a double summit, with a path that runs from the northern to southern summit and then on down the hillside. Follow this path down to the edge of the trees. It then enters the woods and runs alongside a wall until it reaches a track.
7: NY 153 210
Turn left onto this track and follow it out of the trees and back across open fields to the road, which we reach just to the north of Lanthwaite Gate. Turn right onto the road and follow it back to the car park.

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