Walk: Blengdale Forest

Blengdale Forest This short walk visits the surprisingly impressive Blengdale Forest, home of some of the tallest trees in the Lake District. Our route takes us along the beautiful river-side path before returning along a higher level forest track. There is also the option to extend the walk further into the woods. At the time of writing a footbridge across the Bleng is out of use, having been badly damaged in floods, but this should soon change.

Ascent: 300ft
Length: 1.5 miles
Map: Lakes South West
Last Walked: March 2012

We start from a small parking area just outside the forest. To reach this head along the main road from Gosforth to Wellington. Where the main road turns right to cross over a bridge and begin the journey to Wasdale ignore that turn and continue on straight ahead. Where this lane turns left once again ignore the turn and follow a forest track (ignore the warning signs at the entrance to this track - I've asked Forestry Commission staff and they say its perfectly OK to use the track to reach the parking area). This track lasts for rather longer than expected, but eventually you will reach a large patch of hard standing to the right of the track (large enough for around 8-10 cars). Park here.

1: NY 084 052
Head up the track from the parking area. This brings us to a bridge over the Bleng. Cross over the bridge.
2: NY 085 055
On the far side of the bridge there are two routes - the main forest track climbs up into the forest while a smaller track turns left to run alongside the river. Follow this second track, which soon turns into a well made path that runs close to the river, at the bottom of a tree lined ravine, passing some very impressive trees as it goes.
3: NY 089 066
After about two-thirds of a mile a footpath branches off to the right - remember this, but for the moment continue on along the riverside path. This brings us to the site of the old footbridge across the Bleng, where the path now ends, so turn back to the junction with the footpath. Turn onto this path and follow it as it climbs up through the trees.
4: NY 090 062
This path brings us onto a forestry track. Turn right onto this track and follow it back to the river bridge and then to the parking area.


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