Blea Tarn from Eskdale

Go to map for Blea Tarn from Eskdale This shorter walk takes us to Blea Tarn, on the hills above Eskdale, before returning via the tiny hamlet of Boot. On its way we visit the remains of the mining industry that originally brought the narrow gauge railway into the valley, and pass the eastern terminus of the current Eskdale and Ravenglass railway.

Ascent: 800ft
Length: 3 miles
Map: Lakes South West
Last Walked: February 2011

We start from the small car park on the track to Dalegarth Hall (turn off the main Eskdale road at the war memorial just west of Dalegarth Station).

1: NY 171 002
Head back along the lane to the car park back to the main road. Turn left onto the road and follow it until it crosses Whillan Beck.
2: NY 168 004

Hollinghead Bank On the far side of the bridge the road runs alongside the Eskdale railway. Our footpath crosses the railway - look for the gates on each side of the railway. On the far side of the railway follow the footpath as it climbs straight up the fell side, before starting to zig-zag to make the climb easier.

As we get close to the tarn the path begins to break up in a series of junctions - I took the left-hand path at the first branch, and the right-hand path and the second, but the right-hand path at the first junction should also reach the tarn.

3: NY 164 008

Blea Tarn, Esk Dale At the tarn head right along the shore (with the water to your left). After passing the tarn the path begins to climb again, this time following a valley that almost looks man made. This brings us past Bleatarn Fell, and then emerges onto flatter land. This path soon splits, with a path heading to the left, and a larger track heading right. Take this track to the right, and follow it past an old mine working. After running across the hillside for some way the track then runs through some old mine buildings, before joining another track.

4: NY 176 018
Mine Buildings, Boot Bank (Esk Dale) Turn right onto this track and follow it as it runs diagonally and to the right down the hillside, eventually reaching Boot.
5: NY 176 011
Follow the road through Boot back to the main road. Turn right onto the main road and follow it past Dalegarth Station and back to the war memorial. Turn left here to return to the car park.

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