Ascent of Ben Wyvis

Map for our ascent of Ben WyvisBen Wyvis is a large grassy mountain, with a relatively isolated postion in Easter Ross that ensures it has impressively wide ranging views.

Ben Wyvis is very visible from the A9 as it runs up the east coast from Inverness, but it is normally climbed from the west, taking advantage of a good car park on the A 835. This also means that the spectacular views into the heart of the highlands can be seen on the way up the mountain even when clouds obscure the actual summit.

Ascent: 3,000ft
Length: 8 miles
Last Walked: Autumn 2010

We start from the Ben Wyvis car park, about half a mile south of Garbat on the A 835.

Flag: NH 410 671
A footpath leaves the car park heading north (with the road to the left). Take this footpath.
1: NH 412 674
Garbat ForestAfter a short distance this footpath crosses a stream. Just after crossing the bridge turn right onto a path that follows the line of the stream (although always a little above it). After about 1,500ft the path crosses a forest track, and continued on in the same direction as the stream, running up an open gap in the forest.
2: NH 432 665
An CabarAt the edge of the woods the footpath continues alongside the stream for another 2,000ft, and then turns to the left and begins to climb steeply up towards the peak of An Cabar, at the southern end of the Ben Wyvis ridge.
3: NH 451 666
Glas Leathad Mor Our path zig-zags up the steep slope. Just before the summit of An Cabar it passes through a rocky patch. At the top it turns left, and runs for about a mile and a quarter along the top of Ben Wyvis. Just under half way the path passes over a minor subsidiory summit, before the final climb up to Glas Leathad Mòr, the highest point on the mountain.
4: NH 463 684
View west from Ben WyvisAfter enjoying the view from the summit (heavy cloud meant I never saw it), head back along the same path.
5: NH 455 675
For most of the route we simply reverse our route, but there is one useful shortcut. Just before reaching that subsidiory summit a path branches off to the right. Turn onto this path and follow it as it runs around the western flank of the summit, avoiding some extra climbing (and offering shelter from the wind). This brings us to a point just below the summit of An Cabar, where we rejoin our original path to head down the mountain and back to the car park.