Beacon and the Blawith Fells

Map for Beacon and Blawith Fells This walk takes us to the top of the Blawith Fells, an unnamed summit give the name Beacon Fell by Wainwright. This is a surprisingly impressive viewpoint, sitting a little way away from any other high ground. As a result the views of the high fells are impressive, as is the view of the lower reaches of Coniston Water and the area between the Old Man and the lake. As an added bonus there are also views south towards the sea.

Ascent: 800ft
Length: 3.3 miles
Map: The English Lakes - South Western Area (OS Explorer Map Active) (OS Explorer Map Active)
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We start from the National Park car park at Brown Howe, on the A 5084 on the southern end of Coniston Water.

1: SD 290 910
Lane in the Blawith FellsHead out of the car park towards the main road. Cross the road then turn left and head along the verge for a short distance, until a minor road leaves to the right. Turn right and follow this road.
2: SD 282 914
We stay on this road for just over half a mile. For most of the time there is open rough ground on both sides of the road. We stay on the road as it curves around to the left, then turns sharply to the right. We then reach another curve to the left, just at the point where the open ground to the right is replaced by a field. At the far end of this field the road goes around a minor loop, with a small valley heading off to the right.
3: SD 280 914

Leave the road and follow the clear footpath that runs up this valley, heading towards some overhead cables. Just before the cables turn left onto a path that starts to climb up the slopes of Beacon Fell. At this point things start to get a little unclear. There are quite a few footpaths across this area, and several indistinct rocky ridges, running from north-east to south-west towards the summit. We need to cross the first of these and reach the second ridge, which leads up directly to the summit. Soon after this first junction the path splits again. Take the left-hand branch, and follow it as it crosses a small stream, then climbs up onto this second ridge. After this follow any path that heads up the ridge. If in doubt, head upwards - our target is the highest point in the immediate area, so you can't go wrong with up! Eventually this should bring you onto the summit ridge itself, a very impressive viewpoint.

Summit of Beacon Fell  Morecombe Bay from Beacon Fell  

4: SD 278 906
Things get a bit clearer from this point on. Follow the path along the summit ridge, heading towards Beacon Tarn. A number of different routes lead down from the summit ridge towards the tarn - take your pick, then follow the wide grassy path that heads for the near end of the tarn.
5: SD 274 902
Beacon TarnTurn right at the tarn, and head for the small valley to the left of Beacon Fell. Our minor path soon joins the Cumbrian Way, climbs over a small col and enters a large hollow in the hills, possibly a former tarn, but now filled with a marsh. The path runs along the right-hand side of this hollow.
6: SD 277 913
Old Man of Coniston seen from the southAfter passing the mouth of the hollow (and a small patch of open water), our path drops down a steep slope. At the base of this slope the path splits - take the right-hand branch and follow it back our original side road - turn right and follow this road back to our starting point.

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