Barrow and Stile End

This short but quite steep walk takes us into the middle of the region of angular grassy fells north of the Newlands valley, an area dominated by the shapely Grisedale Pike and Causey Pike's distinctive profile. Our two targets for the walk, Barrow and Stile End, are junior members of this family, but their position in the centre of the area means that they are both super viewpoints. From Barrow we see a splendid side view of Causey Pike, while Stile End gives a great view into Coledale. Barrow also offers great views of the Newlands Valley and glimpses of Derwent Water.

Ascent: 1,400ft
Length: 3.25 miles
Map: Lakes North West
Last Walked: August 2012

There are a number of places to park in Braithwaite village. On this occasion I parked in the layby on the north side of the B 5292 close to the eastern end of the village.

1: NY 232 236
Braithwaite from BarrowA side road leaves the main road opposite the layby. Follow this road, which brings us to a bridge over Coledale Beck, with the village shop on the far side. Cross the bridge and follow the road straight ahead (passing to the left of the shop). Follow this road as it runs to the edge of the village and curves to the left.
2: NY 232 235
Just after the road curves left a lane branches off to the right, heading towards Braithwaite Lodge. Turn onto this lane and follow it up to the farm. Follow the footpath signs at the farm, which take us to the right of the main buildings, then across a field and on to the open fellside.
3: NY 233 230
The north-east ridge of BarrowAt the start of the open fell follow the main path, which heads left and up, climbing around the edge of the long north-eastern ridge of Barrow. After a short distance the path splits in two. Take the right-hand branch, which climbs straight up this ridge.
4: NY 227 218

This path eventually brings us to the summit of Barrow. The path then continues on down the western ridge, heading towards Barrow Door.

5: NY 221 217
A number of paths cross at Barrow Door. As the path from Barrow approaches the pass look for a split in the path. Take the right-hand branch, which brings us to the top of Barrow Gate (the left hand branch heads towards the public right of way heading towards Sail). From the gate take the path that climbs straight up the eastern slopes of Stile End.
6: NY 220 219
Force CragFollow the path as it heads across the summit of Stile End and then heads down the north-eastern ridge, a smaller copy of the ridge of Barrow, which we now face across the valley of Barrow Gill. Watch out for the impressive and unexpected ravine in the lower part of the valley.
7: NY 230 235
Barrow GillThis path eventually reaches the track to High Coledale. Continue on along this track as it drops down into Braithwaite. Stay on this track until you reach a t-junction. Ignore both roads and take the signposted right of way that continues on in roughly the same direction as our track. This emerges on another road. Turn right and follow this road back to the bridge and the village shop. Cross the bridge and then turn right to return to our starting point.

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