Sightings at Small Water

Chapter Six: Morning Prayers

Asparagus was still perturbed the next morning.  “How could it have disappeared so quickly?” he asked.  “I can only think that it really is a ghost.”

Beanstalk did not like to offer an opinion because he was too embarrassed at having fallen asleep.  Carrot Cake did not know what to say.  She knew what her eyes had seen but could not explain these sightings at all.

Deuteronomy strolled toward them.

          “Any answers?” he asked.

They shook their heads.  Deuteronomy tried not to look dismayed.  They were having to treck further and further down toward Haweswater to get enough supplies.  This situation would swiftly get worse as Autumn wore on.

“There might come a time when we haven’t enough food to take up the mountain,” he stated simply.

They all withdrew to early morning prayers.  Beanstalk prayed that he would not fall asleep again at the wrong time.  Asparagus grappled with the problems of the current situation and prayed for a speedy solution.  Carrot Cake emptied her mind and gave herself over to the soft chants and singing.

“I suggest we do nothing,” she said to them both, when the service was over.

Asparagus looked at her quizzically.

          “Not even take food up the mountain,” she said.

“But the ghost will come down!” exclaimed Beanstalk.

“Yes,” replied Carrot Cake, calmly.  “Better that it does it now, when we can prepare for it, than suddenly if we run out of food.”

Asparagus listened intently.

“If the whole flock joins in, we could have the apparition surrounded,” she stated.

“But if it’s a ghost, it could just float through us and away,” exclaimed Beanstalk.

“Well then, we would still have nothing to worry about,” Carrot Cake said with a smile.

Asparagus grimaced.  He had to admit that her plan made sense.  However, he could not gauge the danger of confronting this apparition.  They really did not know what they were dealing with. 

“Better to confront it than to live in fear forever,” stated Carrot Cake, anticipating his query.

Asparagus had to applaud her.  She was right.  It was the only way forward.

                            “Let’s go and organise the flock, ready for tonight,” he said.

Chapter Seven: One More Time