Sightings at Small Water

Chapter Four: Evening Falls

As darkness began to fall, Ruth and Isaiah took food halfway up Mardale Ill Bell and placed it on a rock.  Then they quickly scurried back down.

          Asparagus, Beanstalk and Carrot Cake started to feel apprehensive as the last of the flock disappeared down the slope, away from Small Water Tarn.  They had not realised they would be all by themselves.  Perhaps this had not been a good idea.  As darkness fell, they stood close together, silently, keeping their eyes peeled in the direction of Mardale Ill Bell.  Beanstalk swiftly began to get restless.  Asparagus wondered, after a while, if they would see anything at all.  Carrot Cake finally had to admit to herself that it was getting a bit boring.

          The three of them were beginning to drift off to sleep when a pair of legs skipped into view.  Surely they could see the front forelocks of a sheep, glowing at the summit.  Then Carrot Cake held back a scream: those were certainly sheep legs.  However a body now appeared hovering in the air to the right of those legs.  Beanstalk fought back the desire to run away.  Asparagus felt sick.  They watched, appallingly mesmerised, as the legs moved independently of the disjointed body all the way down to the food.

          “We’ve seen enough for one night,” breathed Beanstalk.

The other two nodded and they all backed away.

Chapter Five: Darkness Again